About New Blood Fight Gear

A new breed

It is said that human descendants of thunderbirds live among us. Cunning and powerful, you will know them when you see them. They are New Blood and they are here to continue the legend.

New Blood Fight Gear is a forward-thinking, extreme sport clothing company, founded by a zealous 17-year old, with a passion for Mixed Martial Arts. Think innovative, high quality clothing for visionary athletes and enthusiasts.

Clayton Maxfield

When the big dreams of young boys are realized, they don’t always look the same as imagined. For Clayton Maxfield, the 18-year old founder of New Blood Fight Gear, the dream was to be a champion fighter in Mixed Martial Arts.

Drawn in by the strategy and technical abilities of successful fighters, Maxfield began his training in a step toward becoming one of them. “The benefits were huge,” says Clayton Maxfield. “Not only physical, but an enhanced ability to maintain concentration.”

His desire to compete, morphed into a desire to make a business out of his dream. An independent spirit was in his blood, passed down from his father, Larry Maxfield, a real estate entrepreneur. Pre-teen years and beyond, a number of small business ventures were born out of a variety of passions, and lead Clayton Maxfield to where he is today.

A new blood himself, and a self-proclaimed “MMA rookie,” his vision is to bring MMA to the mainstream. “Organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC), and its founder Dana White, have brought this sport to a whole new level,” says Clayton Maxfield. “Now, the possibilities are limitless.”

His business and designs are inspired by the Native American Thunderbird, a symbol of strength and power. Think clever, edgy gear that is ahead of its time… much like the man behind it.


Q: How do the sizes run?

A: Our products are high quality and run extremely true to size.

Q: Can I reach you via phone?

A: Yes. For wholesale inquiries, contact us at (708) 680-NBFG.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?

A: Yes, but only if you live in Illinois.

Q: How do I return an item?

A: To return an item to New Blood Fight Gear, you must fill out the Return/Exchange Form on the back of the Packing Slip that came with your shipment. Products must be returned within 14 days of purchase, and require New Blood Fight Gear corporate approval for financial reimbursement. Items obviously worn will not be refunded or exchanged. If one of our products has a manufacturer's flaw, or other problem, fill out the Return/Exchange Form on the back of the Packing Slip.

NOTE: A Return/Exchange Form must accompany all returns. Please use UPS Ground for the shipment of all returns, and insure your package for the cost of the item. We do not issue credits or refunds for return shipping costs. If you choose to exchange one item for another, you will be charged for the re-shipping fees. Please email us at info@newbloodfightgear.com with any questions or concerns regarding your return or exchange. Thank you.


New Blood Fight Gear, LLC
437 West Roscoe
Chicago, IL 60657-3649

Q: If I sign up for your mailing list/newsletter, can I be removed from it at a later date?

A: Yes. You can opt out at any time by simply sending us an email at info@newbloodfightgear.com.