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Supporting Our Troops

Posted on September 7, 2010 by NBFG There have been 0 comments

Supporting Our Troops: Beyond Bumper Stickers

Military Staff Sergeant reaches out to New Blood Fight Gear for morale-boosting donation

CHICAGO, August 25, 2010 — Mixed martial arts clothing company, New Blood Fight Gear, recently got a unique request from Military Staff Sergeant, Alan J Wolfer, deployed in Kirkuk, Iraq. An MMA enthusiast for the past twelve years, Sgt. Wolfer, who makes combatives (MMA training) a regular part of his troop’s Physical Training Program, reached out to request a donation of New Blood t-shirts to boost their morale.

Clayton Maxfield, owner of New Blood Fight Gear, was thrilled to hear from the Sergeant. “We appreciate what our troops are doing over there and felt so fortunate to have Sgt. Wolfer reach out to us with a specific care package request that we could fulfill,” said Maxfield. According to Sgt. Wolfer, “Everyone says they support the troops but most don’t do anything more than wear the t-shirt or put a bumper sticker on their car.”

Sgt. Wolfer first noticed ads for New Blood while looking through FIGHT! Magazine, and was drawn to the company’s Native American Thunderbird imagery. “I have a love of Muay Thai fighting,” said Sgt. Wolfer. “The Thai traditions of the sport are similar to Native American views of combat and respect.” Looking to elevate the art of MMA, Maxfield had chosen the Thunderbird for his company’s brand because of its legend of strength, cunning and power. “We want to reach a wide audience and help them appreciate the intensity of discipline and training involved in MMA,” said Maxfield.

According to the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, hand-to-hand combat training has been a part of its program since 2003. “It is important for everyone in the Army to have common knowledge of combative techniques because there is no definite frontline on today’s battlefield,” said Sgt. 1st Class Matt Larsen, U.S. Army Combatives School NCOIC.

That put Sgt. Wolfer ahead of the pack in terms of his passion for and training in the sport of MMA. “I stuck with it all these years and compete at everything the Army has,” said Wolfer. When stationed with the U.S. Military in Germany, he used a 3-day pass to train in Holland in a session with Cor Hemmers. His training and love of the sport paid off when he recently competed at a tournament in the Joint Base Balad (JBB) in Iraq and placed third.

Sgt. Wolfer and the two dozen soldiers under his direction, continue to train in Iraq in their New Blood fight gear. Communicating with Sgt. Wolfer made a big impression on New Blood’s Maxfield. “At one point we lost touch with Alan and were worried with him being in Iraq,” said Maxfield. “He was alright, but it really hits home at a time like that, what our soldiers are doing for us over there.”

About New Blood Fight Gear

New Blood Fight Gear was launched in late 2009 offering mixed martial arts fans an alternative to traditional fight gear. Owned by a young man and his father —  founded while the son was still in high school — New Blood makes high quality sports clothing with unique designs created to elevate the art of MMA.

Media contact: Robin Carroll, Publicity, New Blood Fight Gear,, 708-246-6419.

Sgt. Wolfer and soldiers prepping for MMA training.


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