Hit us with your best shot.

Putting the art in Mixed Martial Arts

Have a great idea for a t-shirt design? Turn your creative muscle into prestige and cash by sending in your winning tee design to the team at New Blood. If your design has the same impact on us that it had on you, then it’s a knockout. $250 in your pocket, and the exposure of having your design on the backs of ultimate fighters all over the country.

  • Submit your designs in the following format: jpeg, tif, eps or pdf in 2-4 colors, including black and white.

    Please note: Design submissions are subject to approval by New Blood Fight Gear (NBFG). Once a design is submitted, NBFG has the right to use it on the newbloodfightgear.com website. Artist credit will appear with the design on the site. If the design is chosen, and payment is made, a formal agreement will be issued at that time, to specify terms and protect all parties.

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